Agio Pavlos (St Paul’s)

Agios Pavlos’ Bay is also famous for the church dedicated to the Apostle. Legend goes it was built on the spot from which Paul the Apostle spoke the Word of God when he was in Rhodes.

Perched on the top of the hill the local Acropolis with the fragments of the temple dedicated to Athena Lindia overlooks the endless blue canvas of the Aegean Sea.
You may say that both the bay and the church of Lindos perhaps are the most popular venues for holding wedding ceremonies. They are having a wedding ceremony every 45 min here: while one couple is in the church the other is leaving for a restaurant or a hotel and the third couple is having their photo session. But the special feeling of uniqueness of the moment never leaves you.
Simplicity and modesty of the place, senses evoked by St Paul’s name and natural beauty of the place make it most attractive for newly-weds.


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